Area of Use


Crop Cultivation

Sugarcane / Cotton / Gram / Moong / Chilli / Onion / Garlic / Wheat / Vegetables etc.


Fruit Cultivation

Strawberry / Pomegranate / Grapes / Organ / Lemon / Papaya etc.



Rose / Lotus / Bonsai plants etc.

Test Reports

Daivic® is tested in Central Government Lab of Center for Organic Farming. The result shows the presence of 47% Organic Carbon Content and NPK in the range of 1-2%, concluding the product to be NFCO (Non Fertilizer Control Order) category.

Results of Test conducted by Government approved private in lab show the presence of micro nutrients like Mg / Mn / Zn / Ca / Cu / Fe / Na / Mo. These micronutrients supposed to be in natural organic form because smaller sized organic molecules have tendency to chelates these nutrients.

Traditional Methods

Traditional organic farming involves Vermi Composting, Green Manure etc. which is bulky and time consuming process. Our Nano Science Approach, Daivic® is optimum choice.

Daivic® Benefits

  • Due to Nano Science Approach only 5-6 gms Daivic® powder required for approx. 1 Acre Land area
  • Plant’s Chlorophyll Content is increased
  • Water retaining capacity of plant is increased which helps under drought condition and reduced water requirement.
  • Resistance against frost damage and increase in plant’s self immune system.
  • Improve quality of the cropps.

Crops by Daivic