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SRD CHEMI Presents Daivic Capsule First time in India BIO availability of Minerals for Agriculture use only.

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Micro Nutrients Deficiency in Indian Soil

The available information reflects the fact that period of 1960-2005 despite applicati. The available information reflects the fact that after 1960 micro nutrients deficiency were noticed in Indian soil. Within a on adequate quantity of NPK fertilizers crop yield remains low due to hidden hunger of micro nutrients.
Mg, Zn, Ca, Mo, Mn etc. essential for plant growth.
The major reason of micro nutrient deficiency is their low availability to plants rather low concentration in soil.
Micro nutrients normally have positive charge on them whereas, negative soil particles react with them and make them unavailable for plants.

Benefits of Daivic Capsule

Due to Nano Science Approach only 2 gms Daivic® powder is required for approx. 1 Acre land area.
Plant’s chlorophyll content is increased
Water Holding capacity of plant is increased which helps under drought condition and water requirement is reduced
Resistance against frost damage and increased in plant’s self immune system.
Provides multi micro nutrients in single product

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